Banbury Heating Supplies - Case Study

We were approached by local plumbing and heating supplier, Banbury Heating Supplies, to design and update a new website for them.

A bespoke, mobile responsive website was created, based on their logo and colour scheme that appeals to their many clients, namely plumbers in the Banbury area or members of the public keen to find plumbing supplies locally.

As part of the project we visited their showroom and warehouse and took photos to help us convey the client’s message. A mixture of close-up ‘detail’ shots and wider aspect pictures were used on the website.

Once the website was completed, Banbury Heating Supplies commissioned us to carry out monthly SEO (search engine optimisation) work on the website.  This involves changing the content on a monthly basis and ensuring they appear high in search engine rankings for various ‘Banbury’ terms, eg. ‘Plumbing supplies Banbury’.  This has been very successful and the new design website has experienced a large increase in traffic since we completed it and started the SEO work.

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I’m so pleased with the result and we are getting great comments from customers who view it. Its performing very well on Google rankings and because of your constant attention and tweaking I know its going to stay there! Both Steve and yourself have been great to deal with all the way through – so many thanks again for all you have done.

Alan Rogers
Banbury Heating Supplies